Screen Shots

Login New

screenshot thumbnail Here's a screen shot of the brand new graphical login system. The console login system is gone, but autologin is still availible.

Fixed Chat - Say New

screenshot thumbnail The text entries now expant to hold the message. Now things don't look so ugly when you type a long message. This fix effects all text inputs (chat and login, for now).

Fixed Chat - Hear New

screenshot thumbnail You can now recive the chat messages sent by others. I.E. chat actually does something now. Dream is now a usable (if silly) MUD enviroment.

Start Screen

screenshot thumbnail NES Final Fantasy menu styling. I actually lifted the graphics right out of the Famicom (NES) game Final Fantasy. They are ©1985 Squaresoft, whom I hope will be flattered enough not to sue me over it :P I double sized them because the Famicom sprites were too small at 800x600 resolution. Here you can create a new character, load an existing character, or exit the game.

Selecting Archetype

screenshot thumbnail When creating a new character, players can opt to play different types of creatures. You could pick race, or class, or something as simple as gender, depending on the game designer's preferences. These are just some fairly silly examples based on the graphics I had on hand rather than coherent design. You can be a yellow smiley, a three eyed amorphous blob, a human being, or a Linux penguin.

Chat Bug

screenshot thumbnail Here we have a chat dialog (the old buggy one). You can also see the main playing area. The example graphics are pretty ugly. I whipped them out in the GIMP without much polish. Tux is courtesy of Larry Ewing, note that he's submerged. The map is randomly generated using a brain dead algorithm that (as you can see) produces silly results. Don't worry, the graphics and level stuff is temporary.

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