Dream RPG Engine

About Dream

Built with SDL Dream aims to be an engine for creating online role playing games (i.e. MUDs) that look like old school console CRPGs. It's no where near finished, but I'm releasing the code anyway in hopes of getting some feedback, pointers, or likewise from like minded hackers. These prerelease packages require PyGame and Twisted. Both require Python, and PyGame requires SDL.

Latest News

Versioning Scheme Refactored 2006.

I have decided to change the Dream version numbering scheme. The old version numbers where of the style 0.0.N where N was the release. This is pretty silly as it implies that the last number is a patch level, when, for the most part, it is not. These release numbers are more like a minor version number and so have been bumped up a level in the scheme to make room for real patch levels and eliminate this silliness.

For example, the last public release was numbered '0.0.6', under the new scheme, it would be numbered '0.6.0'. The next planned release was to be numbered '0.0.7'. It is undecided at this time whether this release will be called '0.7.0' or '0.6.1' or some other version.

Dream Work Resumes 2006.

Despite the lack of public releases and the stated hiatus, some small work has been done on the Dream RPG Engine over the past year or so. It is not much change and Dream's state is still largely as it was in the previous release.

However, I've begun to put major effort into hacking Dream again, so expect good things in the near future. The current change set is incomplete and relatively minor, so there are no plans for a release at this time. I hope to put out a much improved version within one or two months. (Perhaps it will be sooner if things go well.)

Archived News

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